04 February 2011

Settling In

Settling in to Mr Hubby's apartment and coming up with our very own living arrangement - esp after being years apart - was definitely something to get used to. Especially when said Mr Hubby has been living a bachelor life in the said apartment for the past 6.5 years. For me, that also meant 6.5 years of mess to clean-up! 

So while Mr Hubby are off at work, I got down and dirty and spent a good part of 2 weeks(!!) cleaning up the place. This meant overhauling all storage spaces and reorganizing it, scrubbing down the kitchen and toilet, throw out old furnitures, donate a bunch of old clothes and shoes, and recycling just so so so much paperworks! But it's a well-worth effort really, and now that the place are all spruce up, both of us have been discussing of investing further in changing the wallpapers and windows, and installing a new bathroom in. So those are a few DIY projects coming up later this year.

We've also been doing some furniture shopping at IKEA with our biggest purchase being this new dining table set:

However, lugging it up 3 flights of stairs was not fun at all. (There was definitely much swearing going on on my part.) Originally we made plans to set-up the table together BUT on one boring afternoon (after all other chores are done) I decided to tackle the table myself. Heh.

The man in the manual seems just as confused as I am.

*cue psycho soundtrack* My weapon of choice.

My (would-be) victims.

The crime scene.

Ok. It wasn't that hard to do actually and I've always liked DIY-ing but the multiple hand-eye coordinations and the balancing act required to assemble this ONE chair took me ages to finish! But of course, in the economies of scale of things there is also the economies of skills. Or what normal people would've said that I learnt from experience and the next 3 chairs and a table took me just about 30 minutes to do.


The complete set.

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